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     There are many characters in this city and Gerry Reilly is one of them with lots of stories to tell. “At 19 years of age I started in this business at the advice of my dad,” said Gerry Reilly, proprietor of Moose Jaw Vacuum & Janitor Supply, located at 310 — 4th Ave. SW (top of the 4th Ave. Bridge). “When I started, I was doing direct selling and I couldn’t sell a thing” he said, “When I got to the fourth week of no sales, I was really encouraged when a lady bought from me.” After approximately 42 years in the business, Reilly has honed his skills and is now a master salesman, through and through.

   “Once people believe in you and your product,” Gerry admits, “they will follow you wherever you go and buy whatever you sell.” Moose Jaw Vacuum & Janitorial Supply offers a complete line of equipment and supplies- anything and everything that anyone may need in regards to their commercial or residential cleaning needs. Multiple lines of products from vacuums, burnishers. polishers; to chemicals, paper products and cleaning products are available in store.  Lines include Electrolux, Dust Bane; the environmental line from Sweden — Nilfisk; Eureka, Carpet Pro, Wet and Dry Commercial Machines and everything in-between.

    Reilly could offer a salesman mentor program with all of the experiential knowledge that he has gleaned over the course of a lifetime of sales. “Firstly, you have to offer a service; make your customer feel comfortable; sell a service and make them believe that the product is exactly what they need.”  I have trained 15-20 salespeople over the course of my career,” said Reilly, “and I believe that for those that are having problems selling, it’s because of a lack of confidence.”  “I always use the 1 out of 3 averages. If it’s not working, the secret is to do more presentations to boost the average.”

     Reilly isn’t slowing down anytime soon and told Moose Jaw Express he’s on the “Freedom 95 Program” with no plans to retire in the near future. After many years of travelling the road as a salesman and doing business for over 9 years in a storefront, Gerry has been in his permanent location on 4th Avenue for about 6 1/2 years and said, “We’re here for a long time,” “We and the bank are a partnership,” he cheekily commented. “We also offer professional installations,” said Gerry.  “Our installer has over 25 years of experience.”

    Whether you are a first time buyer or thinking about making an upgrade in your vacuum system, going for a central vacuum or requiring cleaning products, bags, parts or expert advise, Gerry Reilly – [306-692-4677, cell 306-684-5563 or Fax 306-692-1688] is the expert to call at Moose Jaw Vacuum & Janitor Supply The store also offers on site repair and a service depot.

Reilly’s motto is “We sell the best and fix the rest!”

Gerry Reilly and his wife Pat


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310 4th Ave. SW

Moose Jaw, SK


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